Further information about meetings can be found at the old IHMSG website (see Links) and the AMS website (under Meetings), particularly for abstracts of our sessions from 2000 onward.

2022 New Orleans: Lightning Lounge: Digital Humanities. Organizers and Chairs: Juan Fernando Velásquez-Ospina and Ana Sánchez-Rojo. Discussant: Javier Marín-López (Universidad de Jaen, Jaen, Spain). Presenters: Patricia Caicedo (Barcelona Festival of Song), Christina Taylor Gibson (Towson University), James McNally (University of Illinois at Chicago), Martha Thomea Elias (McGill University), Michael Levine (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).    

2021 Virtual: Lightning Lounge: Migration, Exile, and Diaspora. Discussant: Walter Clark. Presenters  Stephen Meyer, Eduardo Sato, Iván César Morales Flores, Marcelo Hazan, Pedro García López de la Osa, Alyssa Cottle,

2020 Virtual: Lightning Lounge: Current Topics in Ibero -American Music Research. Chair: Eduardo Herrera. Panelists: Christine Wisch, Sergio Ospina Romero, Ana Llorens, Cintia Cristiá, Emily Abrams Ansari    .

2019 Boston: Lightning Lounge: Current Topics in Ibero-American Music
. Chair: Ana Alonso-Minutti. Panelists: Daniel Fernando Castro Pantoja, Walter Clark, Felipe Ledesma-Núñez, Andrea Perez Mukdsi, Álvaro Torrente.

2018 San Antonio: Music at the Border. Chair: Jesús A. Ramos-Kittrel. Panelists: Andrés R. Amado, Jacqueline Avila, Leon Felipe García Corona.

2017 Rochester: New Spanish Music Studies: Challenges in Early Modern Historiography. Roundtable. Chair: Susan Thomas.

2016 Vancouver: Ginastera at 100: Politics, Ideology, and Representation.
Chair: Deborah Schwartz-Kates; Guest Speaker: Esteban Buch; Panelists: Eduardo Herrera, Melanie Plesch.

2015 Louisville: Strategies and Opportunities for Greater Inclusion of Ibero-American Music in the Curriculum.
Moderator: Susan Thomas; Panelists: Jacqueline Avila, Walter A. Clark, Drew E. Davies, Alejandro L. Madrid, Ana A. Minutti.

2014 Milwaukee: Music and Mexicanidad as Post-National Imaginary.
Chair: Leonora Saavedra; Panelists: Peter J. García, Lilian Gorman, Alejandro L. Madrid, Jesús A. Ramos-Kittrell.

2013 Pittsburgh: A Tribute to Robert Murrell Stevenson (1916-2012).
Chair: Walter A. Clark; Panelists: Marcelo C. Hazan, John Koegel, Cristina Magaldi, Craig B. Parker, Grayson Wagstaff.

2012 New Orleans: Jazz Dialogues between Ibero-America and the United States.
Chair: Alejandro L. Madrid; Panelists: Alejandro L. Madrid, Jason Stanyek, Antoni Pizà.

2011 San Francisco:  Challenges in Latin American Music Research and Pedagogy.
Chair:  Carol Hess; Panelists:  Susan Thomas, Leonora Saavedra, Luiz Fernando Lopes

2010 Indianapolis:  Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Brazilian Music.
Chair:  Rogerio Budasz; Panelists:  Rogerio Budasz, Marcelo Campos Hazan, Frederick Moehn, Walter Clark

2009 Philadelphia:  Debating Musical Identity:  Shifts in Aesthetic Understandings in Mexico from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century.
Chair:  Jesús Ramos-Kittrell; Panelists:  Jesús Ramos-Kittrell, Leonora Saavedra, Dianne Lehmann, John Lazos, Ana Alonso-Minutti

2008 Nashville:  Luso/Hispanic Music Research Trajectories for the Coming Twenty Years.
Chair:  William Summers; Panelists:  Cristina Magaldi, Kenneth Kreitner, Carol Hess, Walter Clark

2007 Quebec City:  Tradition and Liturgy in Mexican Sacred Music.
Chair: Ana Alonso-Minutti; Panelists:  Joseph Sargent, Jesus Ramos-Kittrell, Alejandro Madrid 

2006 Los Angeles: The Music of Hispanic Film
Chair: Mark Brill; Panelists: Deborah Schwartz-Kates, Mireya Obregón, Hector Julio Pérez López

2005 Washington, D.C.:  Current Research on Mexican Music by Mexican Scholars.
Chair:  Leonora Saavedra; Panelists:  Aurelio Tello, Roberto Kolb, Ricardo Miranda

2004 Seattle:  Issues of Music and Identity in Spain, Mexico, and Brazil.
Chair:  Walter Clark; Panelists:  Leonora Saavedra, Carol Hess, Cristina Magaldi, Walter Clark

2003 Houston:  The Role and State of Resources for the Study of Hispanic Music.
Chair:  Paul Murphy; Panelists:  José López-Calo, Deborah Schwartz-Kates, William Summers, Alejandro Planchart

2002 Columbus:  No session

2001 Atlanta:  Music, Beliefs, Politics, and Patronage in the Hispanic Orbit.
Co-chairs:  Deborah-Schwartz-Kates, Grayson Wagstaff; Panelists:  Leonora Saavedra, Walter Clark

2000 Toronto:  Crossing Borders: Spanish and Mexican Theatrical Music in Mexico and the United States.
Chair:  William Summers; Panelists:  Paul Laird, Ricardo Miranda, Janet Sturman, Jeffrey Belknap

1999 Kansas City:  The Interaction of Traditional and Art Musics in the Hispanic World.
Chair:  Leonora Saavedra; Panelists:  Bernardo Illari, Ricardo Lorenz, Cristina Magaldi, Álvaro Torrente, Luisa Vilar; Respondent:  Malena Kuss

1998 Boston:  The Idea of Nationalism in Musicological Discourse:  Its Impact on Iberian and Latin American Music History.
Chair:  Emilio Ros-Fábregas; Panelists: Emilio Ros-Fábregas, Walter Clark, Juan Jose Carreras, Cristina Magaldi

1997 Phoenix:  Integrating Hispanic Music into the Western Music Curriculum.
Chair:  Carol Hess; Panelists:  Carol Hess, Lucy Hruza, James Parakilas, Elizabeth Seitz, Leonora Saavedra, Craig Russell

1996 Baltimore:  In Honor of Robert Snow.
Co-chairs:  David Crawford, Grayson Wagstaff; Panelists:  Jane Morlet Hardie, José López-Calo, Bonnie Blackburn

1995 New York:  In Honor of Robert M. Stevenson.
Chair:  Paul R. Laird; Panelists:  Robert M. Stevenson (introduced by Lester Brothers; presentation by Grayson Wagstaff), Malena Kuss, John Koegel, Walter Clark

1994 Minneapolis:  Selected Topics in Iberian Music.
Chair:  Michael Noone; Panelists: Tess Knighton, Douglas Kirk, Emilio Ros-Fábregas, Kenneth Kreitner, Eugene Cramer, Wolfgang Freis, Elizabeth Seitz

1993 Montreal:  Hispanic Music and Its Challenges to Accepted Historiography.
Chair:  Alejandro Planchart; Panelists: Alejandro Planchart, Craig Russell, James Radomski, Paul Laird, Jo-Ann Reif, Alfred Lemmon, Enrique Arias, John Koegel, Walter Clark, Grayson Wagstaff, Mark Brill, William Summers, Carol Hess; Respondent at Large:  Louise Stein